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My name is Emily Warshauer and I am a first-semester Urban and Community Studies student at CUNY SLU. Previously, I studied sociology at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY.

My coursework at SLU is informed by my personal experiences as a white queer Jewish person and by my professional experiences as a Harm Reduction practitioner. Prior to coming to SLU, I worked in OMH licensed housing for adults with mental illness, drug policy non-profits, and syringe access programs. In each of these positions, I worked closely with marginalized people who have experienced deprivation and criminalization because of their identities, drug use, homelessness, or stigmatized medical labels. I have identified as a socialist since I was a teenager, but these experiences have further shaped my understanding of institutions, political action, and urban life. Beyond my academic work, I take action around these concerns as a member of the NYC-DSA.

I am a Brooklynite! You can catch me in parks, at live music events, or biking around the borough (and sometimes over the bridges). I love music, art, books, and film and love to talk about all of these things.

I am on both Twitter and Instagram publicly, but unprofessionally.

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